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Our Story

Providence was established in the Summer of 2000. The original body of members and friends that formed the ministry committed themselves to two principles. The first was to follow the Scriptures of the Christian Bible to establish a Biblically ordered church government system. The second was to have a casual environment where people could worship God freely. Over time, both objectives have been met. Now, Providence is allowing God to mature its government, its ministry, and its worship. Many influences have come to bear on the personality and environment present at Providence.

When a person comes into the Kingdom of God, they first come under the government of God. Our government is apostolic and grounded in Biblical eldership. The other side of the Kingdom model is ministry. We believe the Ephesians 4:11 model to teach what is referred to as 'the five fold ministry.' We believe when Jesus ascended into Heaven, He gave ascension ministry gifts to the body of Christ and He is still giving those today. These are the gifts of: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher. We also encourage women to pursue their callings and gifting in every area of ministry without exception.

Our Vision

The vision for Providence Worship Center is to be an accurate and clear prophetic expression of the Christian faith through the development of personal ministry gifts. We desire to present what the heart of God is saying to the hearts of men. We believe through these varied ministries, God will speak to the individual and the lost will be saved, the backslidden will be restored, and the human destiny will be revealed.

Our Mission

It is our purpose to preach the gospel, leading all men to repentance and to encounter the Living God; to prepare the renewed heart to enter the Kingdom and to experience the Supernatural side of the Christian life to heal those who are sick of body, heart, and mind; to bring deliverance to those who are bound by the ravages of sin; and to stir up the renewed mind toward freedom, obedience, and wholeness.

A Vision for Diversified Worship

Providence was born out of a revival that fell on a small Baptist church in the Spring of 2000. Because of that, we have a strong desire to introduce believers from traditional backgrounds into the Spirit filled life. We want Providence to be a place where people of all faiths can worship together...freely, as the Spirit moves each individual. Our motto is, "Freedom To Worship And Power To Live." We are also aware that many people have suffered abuse in legalistic churches - traditional and Spirit-filled alike. Providence will always strive be an oasis where people can heal and recover. We are going to do our very best to incorporate new people with diverse gifts and fresh perspectives into our fellowship.

Our desire is to see the marriage of two very special worship components: the ministry of the Word and the ministry of the Spirit. Satan has long been successful in separating Word centered churches from Spirit centered churches. He knows that he must keep the two apart because, if they are ever united, as the church was in the early days of the Gospel, His cause will suffer great loss.

We have a warfare oriented praise and worship format using a variety of contemporary praise and worship songs. Ultimately, we want worship to be a rich, colorful, and diverse expression of the historic Judaeo/Christian faith that includes a restoration of the arts to the Christian worship experience.

A Vision for Leadership and the Equipping of the Saints

We are actively pursuing the full restoration of the 'five fold ministry' to the church and encouraging the development of individual ministries within our body. It is our desire to use our facilities and resources for seminars, conferences, and workshops that are designed to mature and equip the Body of Christ for ministry. We will work to cultivate relationships with other ministries of like-heart and mind, crossing denominational, social, ethnic, and all other man made barriers.

What We Believe

Providence Worship Center service times are Friday at 7:00 PM and Sunday at 10:00 AM
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