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New to PWC?

Providence Worship Center (PWC) is a worshipping and equipping ministry. Our people are very diverse. Many are intense worshippers who have abandoned all in pursuing His presence. Many are prophetic people who have found a safe place to nest. Others are on a quest to discover their creative calling and the Giver of all gifts. We help folks heal and find freedom.

We believe time on earth is short and we are living in the last days. As a result, everything we do is with intensity and urgency. At Providence, we exist to worship the King, war against the enemy, and work in the Kingdom. Our purpose is found in these things.

Relationships are a top priority for PWC. You will find us to be very open and transparent. We would love to get to know you better. Please remember to fill out a Guest Contact Information card before or after service to help us get to know you better, and provide us with the data we need to keep you informed about whats happening at PWC!


Worship & Service

Q: What should I expect during worship and service?

A: Our worship is spontaneous, prophetic, full of joy and movement. We dance, we shout, we pray, we try to follow the flow of the Spirit. Our music is Christian, but ‘edgy’. It’s never the same exact thing twice. If you attend another church on Sunday, we encourage you to come here as often as you want to on Friday’s. We’re not after the members of other churches, but we want you to experience freedom, joy, and healing here.

Q: What time does your worship and service start?

A: Friday nights starting at 7:00pm we have our worship and music service. Normally Friday night worship and music end around 9:30pm, but can last longer depending upon the move of the Holy Spirit. Sunday mornings starting at 10:00am we have a brief worship service, followed by instruction of the Word. Sunday service typically ends around 11:30am or 12:00pm.

Q: What is considered appropiate attire to wear to worship and service?

A: Our worship is very informal. Come as you are....REALLY!!! Jeans and a tee shirt are very acceptable in our laid back environment.

Q: Many people use worship garments. Why?

A: The Bible records that Old Testament priests, the angels in Heaven, and the raptured church all use worship garments.

Q: You dance, drum, and have lively music. Why?

A: Psalm 150 says we are to praise Him with all we have and all we are!

Q: The lights are dimmed. Why?

A: In the Tabernacle & the Temple, only one menorah was used... it was dark in there. It’s dark in here, too.

Q: You blow the shofar (ram’s horn.) Why?

A: It was used as a call to worship and a call to war in the Old Testament. We are a worshipping church and a warring church.

Q: You do art. Why?

A: ...Well, why not! The early churches used artists to adorn their places of worship. We are training up a generation of artists to release Kingdom vision in the earth. Artists need a place in today’s church. We provide it for them without apology.

Providence Worship Center service times are Friday at 7:00 PM and Sunday at 10:00 AM
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3343 Hwy 341 N. Jesup,GA 31546

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