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Keith Smith: Apr 20 @ 12:03pm
It was great to have Phil, Hunter, and Tamara Brown back at PWC today. You guys really put a special mark on it for us. Although y'all live over 4hours away, you are still family and we love you so much!

Keith Smith: Apr 18 @ 7:56pm
We just has the most different kind of Good Friday service I can remember. It was pretty cool!

Keith Smith: Apr 06 @ 6:10am
Wake up, sleepy heads! Make sure you get up determined to go to church today. God has something for you and the devil will tell you not to go get it. Don't miss out. :)

Kim Drew: Apr 05 @ 4:47am
Headed out this AM. Please pray for favor at airport in Haiti. Sometimes is tedious. Btw, Brenda Edenfield and Janie T Smith.... Our t-shirts say "one life matters". How is that for the starfish story? Will try to update tonight but if not... will be Thursday.

Keith Smith: Apr 04 @ 7:51pm
Had a guy give a testimony tonight of a healing he received at PWC back in November. Prayed for his wife tonight. She got a bad report from the doctor recently. She, and the rest of is, believe she was healed tonight. Her doctor will confirm it next week. Go God!

Keith Smith: Mar 30 @ 5:38am
If you are considering staying home today, think differently! Luv ya!

Kim Drew: Mar 29 @ 12:14pm
This time next Saturday, I will have arrived in Haiti for my 4th mission trip. Pastor Keith is planning to receive a seed offering for this mission trip tomorrow whether it be monetary or supplies. Supplies needed on this trip are baby items (cloth diapers, diaper pins, baby washcloths, baby blankets, baby clothes (3-24 months - think summer all the time). This trip will include an Evangelistic crusade (signs, miracles and healings), Mother/Daughter banquet, repairing/finishing the playground and updating non-sponsored children's profiles (my specialty) :)

Natasha Cooksey: Mar 16 @ 11:10am
Summer is right around the corner! If you are interested in season passes to Summer Waves, please contact or message Jennifer Hager Branch by Wednesday, March 19. We need to get our order in soon.

Keith Smith: Mar 14 @ 3:11pm
Remember, y'all, no church tonight.

Keith Smith: Mar 08 @ 7:53am
Don't forget that the time changes tonight. Set your clocks FORWARD when you got to bed. See you at PWC tomorrow!

Ferrell Cooksey: Mar 06 @ 6:57am
Don't forget Peaches to Beaches next weekend. We will not have service that Friday night. If you are in need of a space or table please let me know. We have a few left. If you have already told me you need a table, it wouldn't hurt to send me a text or post it here to remind me. Thanks, Ferrell Cooksey

Keith Smith: Mar 02 @ 5:04pm
We had a great time at PWC this morning. Got a new song from Heaven, a fresh word from the Lord and some great declarations at the end. All in all, a really wonderful day!

Keith Smith: Mar 02 @ 5:36am
Okay, everyone, get your belief on and come to PWC this morning. God's got you - and your need - covered. Going to learn something fresh today!

Keith Smith: Feb 27 @ 8:17am
We have someone who needs the following. If you have the stuff and want to give it away, let me know. "Will you please help me look for a queen size bed frame and maybe head board and foot board a area rug and hall way rug microwave and some sort of shelving that could be used as a pantry".

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